Oil, Gas, Wind and Water

Skilled Representation in Natural Resources Law

The law surrounding the rights to and use of Texas’ oil, gas and other natural resources can be extremely complex and requires the attention of an experienced lawyer who has the understanding and the knowledge to properly handle your case. At the Lubbock, Texas, based law firm ofCrenshaw, Dupree & Milam, L.L.P., we represent businesses and individuals in a variety of legal matters involving oil and gas, wind and water.

Many of the cases we handle involve eminent domain, right of way, and regulatory compliance issues. We have represented landowners, contractors, energy companies and others. Attorney W. Chris Boyer has been certified as an oil, gas and mineral law specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He has a complete understanding of the law and is well prepared to help you with any type of natural resources issue.

Protecting Our Clients’ Interests

Many of the cases we handle involve protecting landowners’ rights. From handling right of way issues for oil and water pipelines or wind energy transmission lines to protecting mineral rights, our attorneys work diligently to see that the best interests of our clients are served. We negotiate all types of oil and gas, wind and water leases for our clients. We draft sound agreements that include considerations for land use, easements and other terms.

We have also helped clients with a variety of water law issues. We have experience handling cases involving groundwater and freshwater districts. We have worked on cases involving groundwater rights, wastewater permits and pipeline right of way. Our broad experience in these matters allows us to efficiently and effectively protect our clients’ interests regardless of which side of the case you might be on.

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